Bee Candy or Fondant As Winter Feed for Honey Bees

I’m receiving questions about making fondant or bee candy, which is a preferable alternative to feeding liquid syrup during the winter. You’ll find a couple of recipes in a post I wrote last winter. More are available on the web, along with suggests on methods for feeding fondant. Just enter “beekeeping”, and “bee candy” or “fondant”, into a search engine like Google or Yahoo.

Above: candy board, with candy, sitting underneath an empty candy board. After the candy is poured into the board and hardens, it is covered with thin pieces of plywood. (Note the slits to allow the bees access to the candy.) The board containing the candy is turned over when it is placed on hive, directly over the top brood box. The outside dimensions of the candy board are the same as those of a hive body, allowing a telescoping or one piece cover to be placed on top for protection from the weather.

Candy board on top of upper brood box. The outer cover will be placed over the candy board.

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