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Thoughts on Beekeeping from Phil Craft

My first webpage column
This is, what I plan to be, the first of many columns I will write for this webpage. As I said in the About PCHC link, the column will be mostly about beekeeping but, like many beekeepers, as I learn more about honey bees, my interest in other insects grows, especially insects in Hymenoptera, the order in which taxonomy places honey bees. I also have an interest in other science related subjects – especially natural history. Expect some diversions into other realms. Also, those who persevere will most likely have to tolerate my occasional musings about other interests of mine, like books (on non-beekeeping as well as beekeeping topics), fly fishing, or my travels to our national parks. I do promise you that I won’t discuss politics or sports, though I enjoy the latter. Well, maybe, a little baseball – after all there are so many great baseball quotes, such as Yoga Berra’s “”Baseball is 90% mental — the other half is physical.” So be forewarned; sometimes I just can‘t help myself.

Also in About PCHC, I promised written beekeeping information sheets on various subjects, which I will write or solicit from others, to be downloadable by anyone at no charge. The site is somewhat sparse of those now, but they will appear as I write, re-write, or collect them. I will probably produce the sheets to provide additional or more in depth information about specific topics which I address initially in this column. I have already placed some beginning beekeeping information on the site, and plan to very shortly add more for potential and new beekeepers. I consider the subject of beginning beekeeping a timely seasonal topic in winter, as new beekeepers Continue reading

HAS 2012 date and location set

Phil Craft and Kent Williams at HAS 2011 - photo by Aretha Kees

HAS 2012 will be held at the University of Missouri – St Louis.  The dates are July 12-14. Tom Webster is putting the schedule together and organizers expect to have more details available soon at