Beekeeping in the media

Links to beekeeping, pollinator  or beekeeping related articles from a variety of media outlets (most recent on top)
“….fly parasite killing honeybees” from Observations – a blog from the editors of Scientific America, January 3, 2012 
Firing of state beekeeper stings Kentucky’s apiarists” from the Lexington Herald-Leader, January 23, 2012
Kentucky State Apiarist fired, “Comer’s office says Kentucky isn’t eliminating the state’s beekeeping program—he just wants to appoint his own people to positions.” from WFLP Louisville Public Radio – January 17, 2012
Parasitic fly NOT yet reported in Kentucky” – Dr. Tom Webster Kentucky State University  Honey Bee Researcher quoted in article from WFLP Louisville Public Radio – January 5, 2011
Report on new potential honey bee parasite discovered in California from Scientific American webpage – January 3, 2012

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