For New Beekeepers (Beekeepers2Bee)

I’m receiving more and more emails from folks who are interested in beekeeping or who are planning to become beekeepers this spring – beekeepers2Bee. I have been giving advice to new and potential new beekeepers for more than a few years, and much enjoy doing it. I find the enthusiasm and excitement of beginners invigorating.

New bee emerging.
Photo by Mary Parnell Carney

To this group I want to point out my Beginning Beekeeping page here at There you will find beginning beekeeping information and tips waiting for you.Since this is the second year of PCHC, I will be adding to the material directed at new beekeepers as the year advances, both by writing new posts directly related to getting started, and by adding new links and information to my beginning beekeeping  page. So make sure you check back from time to time.

Whether you are just beginning to gather information on beekeeping or are making plans for your first hive this spring, I suggest you start by doing some reading – in particularly about honey bees and their biology. At my beginning beekeeping page you can download Dr. Tom Webster’s “Kentucky Beekeeping Guide for Beginners” (Dr. Webster is the Kentucky beekeeping extension specialist.) Though written with an eye toward Kentucky beekeeping, this guide is helpful to anyone trying to get started, no matter where you live, and it is very comprehensive. Plus it is free; I like free. The guide begins with a nice introduction to honey bee biology, so it is an easy and quick way to begin your education.  (Bee-aware, depending on your internet speed the guide may take a few minutes to download.)

It is also time for prospective beekeepers to begin perusing catalogs. Beekeeping supply companies are mailing the 2013 catalogs now; I received my first ones in the mail last week. If you are not on the mailing list of at least some of the major beekeeping suppliers, I suggest that you go to their webpages and request a catalog. All of the larger companies (and some of the smaller ones) also have online catalogs for those who are comfortable with internet ordering. Many of the suppliers’ webpages can be found on my Beekeeping Supplies page.  (If you are a beekeeping vendor and would like me to add you to my suppliers list, send me an email. I request that you send your information in a format similar to what appears on my suppliers list for other vendors.)

If you have unanswered questions about getting started in beekeeping, don’t hesitate to ask – send me an email. I reply to all questions I receive.

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  1. Good going Phil ! See you down the road ! “Go Cards !”