My New Q&A Column, Ask “Dr.” Phil in Bee Culture Magazine

If you are a reader of Bee Culture magazine, you have likely seen my new question & answer column, titled Ask “Dr.” Phil, in the January issue.

This new monthly column is the result of a series of conversations with Bee Culture editor, Kim Flottum. He asked me about writing some articles for the magazine and, during discussions about possible formats, I told him I would be most interested in writing a Q&A column because answering questions is something that I both enjoy and spend a lot of my time doing. That was certainly the case when I was the Kentucky State Apiarist; a large part of my job was responding to questions, mostly from beekeepers, but sometimes from the general public as well. They came to me through the telephone, at meetings, and in emails. In retirement, I continue to answer questions, though most now come via email through this webpage.

The response to the new column has been flattering, even though only one print copy is in the hands of readers. (The February issue is currently available only to digital subscribers.) The response from Bee Culture readers has taken the form of even more emails – some with questions, and others just saying they enjoy the column – from all across the country. If you read the magazine, you will see some of these new questions in future Ask “Dr.” Phil columns. To readers of, whether or not you subscribe to Bee Culture, I continue to invite your questions. I will answer them all, by email, and some will end up in the magazine.

I have always advised that beekeepers subscribe to one of the two national beekeeping magazines (the other being the American Bee Journal), and I haven’t recommended either one over the other. That suggestion still holds. If you are a beekeeper and do not subscribe to a beekeeping magazine, you should do so. Both magazines contain helpful “how to” articles, articles on bee science, and general articles on the art and practice of beekeeping. They are interesting reading, will keep you up to date on the latest diseases, treatments, and controversies,and will help you to become a better beekeeper. Of course, if you subscribe to Bee Culture, you can also read my column each month.

One response to “My New Q&A Column, Ask “Dr.” Phil in Bee Culture Magazine

  1. Phil,
    I am thoroughly enjoying your column in BC and it’s great that you are sharing your expertise with such a broad audience! It’s nice to see Q & A from different levels – whether to learn something new or be reminded to not overlook the basics. Thanks for the fresh, enjoyable information and a very well-written column!
    See you at Bee School,